What was once lost has now been found...

After hundreds of years of obscurity, a manuscript from the 12th century has recently been discovered that details the rules for a role-playing game of historical proportions. Envisioned and enjoyed by medieval monks of some long-forgotten priory, their game will take you back in time to portray the brave knights, cunning outlaws, determined clerics, bold peasants, and brash barons of their age. Explore the British isles and the European continent as they were in the feudal era. Turn the tides of wars and scheme for political power in old kingdoms. Join a crusade, survive the inquisition, become the monarch that the annals of time forgot. History is now yours for the re-telling.

Renowned medievalist and RPG scholar Jeremy Keller has assembled this manuscript from its scattered fragments and translated it from its Middle English script. The text has been lovingly interpreted and re-forged into a game system ready to run the historical adventures you have always imagined the Middle Ages could be full of. Dubbed Chronica Feudalis, the system allows for characters that range from peasants to princes and gives them the tools to set forth on daring adventures, engaging in combat, parley, subterfuge and chases.

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